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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by brown, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. brown


    I bought 500 shares for 1.91, has nice day ranges up to 2.42 today. Your thoughts?
  2. ggoyal


    this one is a tough little cookie. Could keep heading up tomorrow. their outlook is negative. I think it should drift down to the 1.75 level where I would definitley bulk up on it.
  3. shorted it with 10kshares from 2.7~2.5, it will drift down to 1.5 under. most penny stocks are pumies and dumpie.

    bought 5k VNDA at 3.91, 5k NURO at 1.83.
  4. ggoyal


    i thought it would fade today. looking tempting now. i bought some. at 2.01

    any thoughts?
  5. ggoyal


  6. ggoyal


    that piece of news came out on the 25th of march. the stock is down 40% in the past few days. I will take a position at the open this morning.