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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Susitna, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Susitna


    I am interested in opening a "live" account, I have demo'd MG and I like their platform but I can't find out much about them.

    I am interested in what others have to say regarding any experiance with this company.

    PS: I enjoy reading the posts here, I have learned alot more here in the last month than I have yet to learn from all forex related books I have bought combined.
  2. Susitna: That's just because you haven't been reading my posts... :D

    Welcome to the world of FX!

    ol (see my Forex broker recommendation list --> here.)
  3. Susitna



    Well I'm sure you have alot more knowledge than I do.

    I checked the NFA site and saw no adverse actions against them but I would like to find someone who has or had an account.

    I want to try trading mini's now that I have had some success (minor) at demo trading ( I want to see how well I do with real money on the line).

    I have a hard time sending anyone money and I want to make sure I go with a reputable broker.

    Thanks for the info from your site!
  4. Susitna:

    Best thing I could suggest to yah...

    Try OANDA. It was suggested to me as well by my trading buddy and so far I LIKE them.

    EUR/USD -2 pip spread.

    Minimum trade size: Not 100,000
    Not 10,000
    Not 1000
    Not 100
    Not 10

    Just 1!

    That, on EUR/USD, is 100th of one cent per pip cost

    In other words, if you have a trade go (badly) against you (read 100 points against you) and you don't close your position until it is 100 points out - you LOSE one cent!

    Makes trading live while still learning fun.


  5. Susitna


    I've tried their platform and had horrible results.

    Each time I log in I am sent to "Page not found" and I have to sign it at least three times until I am sent to the trading screen.

    If I am on longer than an hour, the screens start to go blank and everything stops working, I do like their small spreads but I don't want to have a real trade go south on me due to a problem with thier platform, I have a feeling I will have enough trades go south by my own doing.

    MG scares me because I can't find anything good or bad about them. They claim to be the biggest in the US but I have yet to see any remarks regarding them.
  6. Susitna: You sound like you're going to make an excellent FX trader! You question things that seem not to be right.

    OANDA may be the cause of these troubles OR your computer may be.

    A suggestion: Run Disk Cleanup, Defrag then reboot your computer. Make sure you have suffecient memory.

    I hated OANDA's platform when I first used it, but it is one of the most stable platforms out there.

    Others may have more bells and whistles but simplicity of use and stability are major keys here.

    I am still having to get used to OANDA's platform, but the more I use it the less discontentness I feel.

    Keep trying! Don't give up! Remember, we have to adapt to some of this stuff - OANDA is the best out there from what I can see so far.

    It may be good that you are scared of MG.

    Demos: OANDA may not be the best to learn on - I used GFT Forex extensively - their original demo platform is great!