MFGlobal Payouts

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by LincolnArmy, May 24, 2012.

  1. Are any further payouts imminent?
    I haven't signed the letter from the scumbag lawyers yet but would seriously consider it if there was a good chance of money coming my way.
    I remember when I first got the letter there was a story about that more money was on the way. Strikes me that the story was probably part of the lawyers strategy to get us to sign.
    I'm still at 72% which I assume is where everybody else is at?
  2. irniger


    I haven't received the letter of determination yet. But I wonder when the approx. 600 mio. $ which a judge released for distribution a while ago is beeing paid out. Anybody know?

  3. irniger


    Received the determination paper and sent in the release early July. When can the next payment of 8% be expected? Anybody know how long this takes?

    Thanks, Felix
  4. You may wish to contact the trustee, this is getting very late in the "window" of rolling distributions for the 8% to true everyone up to 80%.