MFE MAE graphs/data besides NINJA

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by bigbrent701, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. So I really like the features that Ninja has including graphs of MFE MAE on charts. I was wondering what software is out there that I could use with other programs to track my MFE MAE. Basically I wish that all platforms had the same reporting features that ninja has. I feel its the best I have seen.

    I am getting back into trading and will be trading mostly equities but also some futures.

    I am not looking for platforms but rather any 3rd party software I could use that pulls data from the platform. Lightspeed/Anvil/Laser etc.
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    Zeroline Trader. It displays on the DOM, and on executions report. It has no charting capabilities, so no pretty graphs.

  3. hmmm can you tell me more about this. You said DOM, im looking for something for equities mostly. DOM i have never heard outside of futures.
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  5. Not true, it has PATS connectivity and you can also connect to TD Ameritrade
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    He's correct, I forgot about PATS.


  7. Do not want to use either of them. Any other software. I would like to stick with lightspeed/esignal.
  8. Still looking for a software addin that would allow me to track the MAE MFE of my trades. Am using Lightspeed right now for my platform and plan to add Esignal Charts soon.