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  1. Their stock has taken a beating over the last couple of days. Are they going to be the next BSC???
  2. No. They're not a primary dealer of government securities. They could disappear off the map if they ever have another trading fiasco.
  3. i bought mf at 5 on the day of the big hit a low of 3 and i bought more at 8.35 a few days later.. i have enjoyed the run up to 15!! a hedge fund h also acquied a very large stake in MF Global... The company will only see trade volumes increase as the markets comodities and stock (index futures and options) get more volatile... the loop hole was fixed and they are keeping watch even more closely than before on margins and loop holes... it was amazing to me that they did not catch the loop hole sooner... I had the same loop hole as a retail trader... gratned i have been with them for years and never had a margin call.. everyone knew about the loop hole and it was very beneficial for getting excellent fills.. i never abused it though.. i did have a decimal error which worked in my favor thank god.. tried selling 22 Dow minis .. sold 222!!!!!!! ( i picked up 3 ticks!at that point I realizd just how dangerous the no limits were... and i was extra cautious ..the main benefit it gave me was to hedge option positions.. becasue i did not have a margin... anyway this is no longer possible and MF global will continue to be a market leader int eh execution of futures trades. I would buy more ... MF global's next earnings report should be very very healthy. It was valued at 27 a few months ago.. it should be valued around 22..