MF - Options Trade on the 'Power' of Goldman

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    MF is trading 8.03 up 9.7% with IV30&#8482 up 35%. The <a href="">LIVEVOL&#8482 Pro Summary</a> is below.

    The stock and options have traded heavily today. The stock has traded over 23.6 mllion shares on daily average of just 1.5 million. The Stock Stats snap is included in the article.

    Here's the news: (
    After the market closed on Tuesday, MF Global announced that it had hired former New Jersey Governor and Goldman Sachs(GS) head John Corzine as its chairman and chief executive, effective immediately.

    After the announcement, MF Global's stock popped more than 11% to $7.32 in the after-hours session Tuesday

    Ah, the power of Goldman... You think this guy may have an inside track to the government and rule making with respect to CDOs, etc?...

    The company has also traded nearly 10,000 options in the first three hours on total daily average option volume of just 251. Calls are trading in a 3:1 call : put ratio. The Stats Tab snapshot is included ( in the article).

    The Options Tab ( in the article) illustrates that the Apr 10, May 10 and Jun 10 calls are most active. Apr and May are all opening (zero open interest). Jun is mostly opening. Apr and May seem like pre-dominantly purchases. Note the vol jump in the first three months.

    Finally, the Charts Tab (1 year) is in the article. The top portion is the stock price, the bottom is the vol (IV30&#8482 - red vs HV20&#8482 - blue). The yellow shaded area at the very bottom is the IV60&#8482 vs. the HV60&#8482 vol difference.

    Note MF has gapped up on the news and broken through a trading range to a 52 wk. high.

    This is trade analysis, not a recommendation.

    Details, trades, vols, charts here:
  2. and? whats your point beyond hyping your platform?

  3. 1) Is the company being "shopped around"? Sure!
    2) Who's the company's banker? :confused:
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    The President's chief of staff. The Treasury Secretary of the United States. The Treasury Secretary’s chief of staff. The head of the World Bank. The head of the Italian central bank. The Treasurer for the Labor party in Australia. 24 out of 32 finance officials at the G-7. The chairman of the BBC. And that’s just this decade.

    Goldman knows, people know Goldman knows - when a Goldman guy comes on board, now that company also knows...
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    IV30 is trademarked? WTF?
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    Lol... Livevol has the trademark...
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