MF on the ropes

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    "When the stock price fell below $2, my pecker shrank to this size"\\

    IB to bid 1 billion for assets? Are they worth that much?
  2. But MF Global's overall capital levels leave it with little margin for error. The company's book equity compares to an eye-popping $41.05 billion of assets, which means if the value of MF Global's assets falls more than about 3 percent, the company has wiped out the whole of its equity cushion and is out of business. Even a 1 percent decline could leave it dangerously undercapitalized.

    I thought we had left this shit behind us?

    Get the firing squad.


  3. IB is just looking to buy the MF Global futures business. They aren't looking to buy all the garbage assets at the parent company level.
  4. Futures brokerage business or advisory services, too?
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  6. I swiped my card and the gate won't open!
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    The curse of the "smartest guys in the room"
    Well done Corzine!
  8. dont


    "Like Trichet, Bernacke, Merkel and Putin".
  9. Well, looks like IB couldn't make that work. I always wonder why anyone would pay good money for a failed business. If they couldn't steal it , they shouldn't buy it.

    Petterfy doesnt need someone else's headaches.
  10. Corswine, another poser who has made a career of betting against black swans with opm, and finally got covering in bird shit.
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