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  1. twinx


    Do somebody trade with MF Global PRO using X_Trader or CQG Trader?

    Man Financial* is "now" MF Global.
    * Man Financial previously operated through Man Financial Ltd, Man Financial Inc and other subsidiaries of Man Group plc.

    I am trading with IB and generally speaking contented, but need some options of x_Trader or CGQ Trader.
    My problem is, that the website from MF Global PRO contains NOT so much useful information like IBs website do! Only this very little
    FAQ. :(

    So, how to get all the information you need to open an account and for your trading? Do you ask all your questions separately by email or phone!? Is this the way a big FCM operates with his customers? :confused:

    What do you think and what are your experiences about MF Global PRO, and using X_Trader or CQG Trader with them? How would you go further if you would like to open an account with MF...?


    PS: I did not find a real MF Global, MF Global PRO, Man Financial thread.
  2. Jachyra


    In my opinion, FuturePath Trading is the best MF Global IIB. They have their own platform called PhotonTrader, and a lot of professional traders consider it to be one of the best and most reliable platforms around. Not affiliated with them in any way, although I do maintain an account there.
  3. How do like Photon. I have heard some good things about it? Last time I looked was about 12 months ago. Nice charts. I think I read LBR uses it. Have you compared the execution speed against TT or Ninja Zen? Right now I am just using TransAct with Sierra, it's nice that's in-house trading software so no finger pointing if there is a problem with a third party app.
  4. Jachyra


    Yah, if I remember right, LBR has been claiming that Photon has been the best trading platform for what seems like close to 10 years now. Like NinjaTrader, they use TT on the back-end, so speed and performance, at least theoretcially, should be identical to TT, which has been my experience... I was unable to notice a clockable difference when comparing Photon quotes to TT/X_TRADER quotes through Advantage Futures, so I feel comfortable saying that at the very least, its extremely competitive.

    As far as the software goes, for a long time I stayed away from it because I wasn't a fan of the GL Platform, which was the basis for their front-end. A while ago (not sure when) they came out with a .NET version that had been in the works for quite some time, and I have to admit, its a very solid offering. It doesn't have everything, and certainly doesn't do everything, but what it does do it does extremely well and reliably, and there are certainly some unique features in it that are worth looking at.

    Of course I'm still a huge fan of Advantage Futures, as I think they're one of the best Clearing FCM's around, and I still like TransAct Futures, as I think they're one of the best non-clearing FCM's around... but now I also love FuturePath/Photon, as I think they're one of the best IB's around... especially if clearing through MF Global, the 5th largest clearing firm in the world, is a prerequisite.
  5. twinx


    I still a have this question. How do you do that, how is the communication between customers and FCM's?
    I am wont to get all my information, I need to open an account and for trading, over the website or by a forum, e.g. IB:
    I am not wont to ask every question separately by email or phone... do you do that?
    This gives me the feeling of a dependent, the other way a feeling of independent, if you can get all your required information by browsing the website etc.

    Thanks for your comments.
  6. Colaeus


    I have been using Photon for the past few years and clear through Man. (FuturePath is the IIB). They just released a new version of Photon in December that was written in DotNet. It does use TT's servers on the backend, but TT has acknowledged that FuturePath's TT servers are faster then TT servers at other FCMs. This is because they keep their servers at lower capacity, have complete redundancy, better routers and blades, and bigger pipelines then other FCMs. I heard Getco uses FuturePath to do their black box they gotta have some of the best technology. Advantage Futures went down 3 times over the past two months - once for a whole hour. I got a friend who trades at a trading room that clearas them and he says that ever since Advantage chose to get into the retail side of the business, everything has gone completely downhill. He is leaving them.