MF Global: Has Anyone Sold Their Claims?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jsp326, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. jsp326


    Apparently, some firms are offering over 90%. Has anyone done this?
  2. I took 66.7% for mine earlier this year. Right now I think they are 80%. But talk says that MF Global customers will get ALL of the money back, so 90% sounds realistic.

    I would recommend selling your claim--trade and make more money than holding onto it. If you don't sell your claim, you are buying a claim by predicting you will get all of your money back. I don't think anyone here wants to be a claim buyer.
  3. irniger


    Quite a number offer higher %, depending on the size of your claim and other conditions. Check these out:

    Matt Underwood -

    Sonar Credit Partners - Marc Wingate -

    Prime Shares - Heimata Rutgers -

    Brad Max -

    BAM Giulio Recchia -

    BAM - Gary S. Cohen -

    Contrarian Capital - Rhoda Freeman -

    Tannor Partners -

    Good luck,

  4. CRT Capital will also take claims...nice of them to offer a hand :)