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    Dick Bove about Lehman 10 days before they went bust 'Lehman is a screaming buy'
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    Tsing Tao

    See, this is the crap that annoys me. These people should be jailed for giving out advice like that.
  3. What a tool he is...
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    MF Global this spring estimated Corzine could collect about $12.1 million in severance pay.

    Will Corzine still get his $12.1 million?
  5. MF could be bought as a speculation like an "option with no expiration date".

    Buyers should be prepared to lose all of their "premium/purchase price", however.
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    Dick Bove on Bloomberg NOW!
  7. are you guys pure ass clowns or just idiots?

    Did you not hear the man say "I don't want to buy the stock".

    I really do not pay attention to who he is or what firm he is with so I neither like or dislike him. However, what I can't stand are bumbling fools like most on ET.

    He is talking about their assets as a take over candidate. Possible GS buying up their assets on the books.

    The company is filling to protect their good assets so they will not be a prime candidate for a hostile take over.

    Of course, he is wrong so far about GS bidding for their assets but that does not make him a tool.
  8. I hate to quote ZH, but he's spot on, in this case...

    @zerohedge: The only good to come out of today's bankruptcy is that Bove may finally learn there is this thing on the balance sheet called "liability".

    The company is filing because, how do I put it gently... let me see... wait for it..., they're f*cked. And they have sh1t on their balance sheet that dwarfs whatever good cash-cow bits they might have had at some point. Moreover, given what happened, whatever valuable "cash-cow" type assets they may have had (e.g. clearing, brokerage, etc) are worthless.

    How 'bout that some "ass-clown" type of sh1t?
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    Tsing Tao

    MG, can't a company just purchase the assets? What if they don't want the liabilities? :)
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