MF Global: 1.2 Billion missing

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Banjo, Nov 21, 2011.

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    New Jersey residents felt like doing this years ago.
  3. Skadden Arps lied to the court when they stated that all funds were accounted for and in custody at Chase, et al. A complete scam from to bottom. Rumor is that the actual number is ~$2Bn.

    Corzine will be doing time. Abelow should not be allowed to continue. I can't believe he's still there.

    It appears that accounts may take a haircut of 50%.
  4. He's safe till at least Jan 2013...
  5. Obama is scum (and I am a liberal), but he'll allow Corzine to twist.
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    skadden arps lied? Former GS Investment bankers steal customer money?

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    Madoff screwed investors, Corzine screwed traders. Big difference in the eye of the public...Average Joe might think speculators are leeches and had it coming.

    That is a perfectly good explanation, why there is much less interest. Also, after Madoff, everything looks like small change...
  8. The eventual recovery for Madoff investors could result in a net shortfall (versus invested capital, not including fictitious gains) smaller than MF's. Corzine may go down in history as the bigger criminal, measured in $s.
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