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    Be sure and take a little extra money to pay off the cops. They will be asking for it.
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    I spend alot of my time in San Carlos, Sonora, located on the Sea of Cortez. My house is right on the beach where I have a bay window facing due south so I can watch the sun and moon both rise and set over the water. Paradise I tell ya. I'm scheduled to leave Tucson on Oct. 25ish and I'll remain there until the end of next May.

    I have a megabit high-speed internet connection to my house where I will set my workstation up and from where I will trade. In Tucson I have 3 - 21" Dell CRT's which of course, you wouldn't want to haul around. Last year I just used my Dell Inspiron notebook to see if I could even trade at all. At first I had problems with totally unacceptable data lags [i'm talkin' minutes] during the opening and closing hours of trading but which were 'gererally' ok for the rest of the day. This past January, Megacable upgraded their service from 512k to 1024, and that made all the difference. I'm in the process of buying 2 19" flat-panels [see my posts last night in "hardware" which I'll use in conjunction with my router, wireless card and laptop. Now I'll be able to literally sit out ON the beach with my laptop and Pacifico and trade like trading was meant to be done!
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    Geez, my dream!! Apparently you rtrading account is a little bigger than mine...
    BSAM>>>am I going to have problems down there? Have you experienced this? I can always change and go to Panama where they just love us Canucks if it is going to be too big a hassle...

    Anything else I should be forwarned about?
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    The cops down there are extremely crooked. Little payoffs for minor infractions are very common. Just stay out of any trouble down there.
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    In my many years of traveling to Mexico, I have rarely had problems of nature and none serious; and believe me I when I say I have a tendency to go out of my way to find

    Couple exerpts from my upcoming book, "MexiGo":

    Is Mexico Safe?
    Contrary to popular belief, Mexico is no more dangerous than most places. Apparently the 460,000 Americans that live there year round agree. Statistics comparing relative per capita crime bear out the fact that Mexico is considerably safer than even the United States and Canada. Beliefs to the contrary are based on nothing more than erroneous rumor, exaggeration and just plain ignorance.
    According to, the U.S. ranks 5th worldwide in assaults per capita with 7.7 assaults per thousand. Canada ranks 9th with 7.25 per thousand while Mexico places a distant 20th, with 2.43. The U.S. holds 9th position in auto thefts with 3.95 per thousand, compared to Canada’s 7th with 4.97 and Mexico’s 21st place with 1.51. Overall, for total crime, the U.S. ranks 8th with 81.55 per thousand and Canada ranks 11th with 76.89, while Mexico scores a distant 39th with only 12.99 per thousand.

    Please don’t misconstrue this to imply that hazards and dangers do not exist in Mexico. Certainly they do; just no more than anywhere else. If you go looking for trouble you will discover your innate propensity for finding it.

    Though far less pervasive than it was only a few years ago, official corruption can still be found everywhere and is widely accepted as a fact of life. Literally, “mordida” translates as the "bite" but figuratively and the way it is most frequently used, it means a bribe, and the more “Newbie-tourist” you look, the more likely you are to get bit.
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    Well, since I'm 51 years old I don't really expect to be in the nightclubs much...I just want warm weather, nice beaches and a hovel I can call my own (with High Speed Internet).

    I was down there a couple of years ago. I never had any problems but I'm a pretty quiet unassuming guy that treats others with the repect they deserve.

    I have never had anything stolen from me in my life. Hard to believe in this crime infested country called Canada!! Unless you include the gov't...then I'm getting ripped off royally every bloddy day. I lived on a native reserve that is also a resort here. Had a company that sold electronics...used to store 30k to 40k outside by my cottage. Never missing a thing...not sure if that means anything or not...

    Anyway, hope you guys keep in touch. I just found this site a couple of days ago. Wish I'd found it 2 1/2 yrs ago when I started trading...
  8. if you or anyone else makes it to cancun

    try to go to playa de carmen , cozumel , tulum and chichen itza for starters ... as there is more to life than cancun

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    A good synopsis.

    To add: Mexico lore is generated by the border crimes. There IS a great deal of crime in these areas ( the first 50 miles south of the US border)....otherwise it's a very very low crime place with very gracious people.

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    Was there a couple years back. Went up Chitzen Itza. Ok going up but scared the crap out of me coming down!! There is lots and lots in Mexico!

    Any hints for me?
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