Mexico out of control

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  1. Another killing there of a mayor.

    Boys, that shithole needs to go.

    I'm sure glad none of the 30 million illegals are anything like that.

  2. Just remember, everytime you smoke a joint or do a line of coke, you just bought a bullet for the drug lords there to shoot someone with.
  3. And every time you pay your taxes, you've just contributed to the salaries of prohibition enforcement thugs who ensure that criminals (instead of decent businessmen) are the only ones allowed to profit from the inevitable and unstoppable sale and consumption of narcotics.
  4. Yep, all the more reason for drugs to be legalized...

  5. Decent business men...!?? Selling drugs...??? I can see them now pushing addictive substances to the people... Obscene profits through the roof!
  6. Seems like we never learn. Prohibition of alchohol created the richest, most violent criminals the world had ever seen... until the drug cartels. The ONLY way to put them out of business is to legalize drugs.

  7. Profits which would be taxed and used to build roads and schools instead of being used to hire the hit squad.
  8. +10!!

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    I agree that legalizing pot would put the cartels out of the pot business and firmly into the black tar heroin business which has a much higher margin and is easier to smuggle to begin with.

    The cartels will supply whatever niche exists be it hard drugs or whatever. They aren't just going to melt away into the hills. They are going to try to make a living on something and there isn't much legitimate means to make in living in most of Mexico.

    All that cheap labor, Mexico should be the next China. Why isn't it? Where do all those petro-dollars from Pemex go?
  10. Nope... We will just end up in an oligarchy run by the drug businesses... With the majority of the population addicted to drugs far too weak to do any reasonable or meaningful work and to dependent on the corporations selling them the dope. It will be the end of freedom as we know it and the begining of a chemical slavery. In fact, we're already seeing that with the prescriptions of legal medication. Take that and multiply it by 100! I don't think that anyone should have the right to legally sell you addictive poison.
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