Mexicans Show Class--Boo Miss USA

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  1. Isn't it enough that Bush has basically surrendered our country to these people? WTF more do they want? And don't you love the way the media downplayed it, and Trump poo-pooed it? Can you imagine the ruckus if an hispanic girl, or any minority for that matter, was booed at the Miss America pageant? Or if a visiting mexican sports team was booed while their national anthem was being played?


    Mexicans Boo Miss USA, Showing Discord

    May 29 03:03 PM US/Eastern
    Associated Press Writer

    MEXICO CITY (AP) - Many here south of the border reveled in her disastrous evening: First Miss USA Rachel Smith slipped and fell on her bottom during the Miss Universe evening gown competition. Then she was booed by hundreds in the Mexican audience.
    The treatment of the Tennessee beauty queen was nothing personal. It had more to do with Mexico's sometimes tense relationship with its powerful northern neighbor.

    U.S. athletes have sparked a similar response. In 2005, when the U.S. played Mexico during a World Cup soccer qualifier, the crowd booed the U.S. national anthem and a smattering of fans chanted "Osama! Osama!" during the game.

    Smith was booed repeatedly during her stay in Mexico, including last week, when she carried a guitar and wore an Elvis-style suit during a parade of national costumes held in downtown Mexico City.

    She kept her poise during an interview Monday night with pageant judges, despite the boos and chants of "Mexico! Mexico!" that drowned out her answer.

    "I am very passionate about education and being in South Africa sparked my interest in that," said Smith, a journalism graduate who volunteered for a month at talk show host Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

    Then she paused, smiled and spoke in Spanish. "Buenas noches Mexico. Muchas gracias!" which earned her some applause and some chuckles.

    Miss Japan Riyo Mori, who went on to win the crown, opened her interview with "Hola Mexico!" to cheers and claps. Her personal trainer, Ines Ligron, said she had warned Mori about the importance of speaking in Spanish to win over the crowd.

    Even an opening "hola" might not have helped Smith, who faced long odds for simply being a gringa.

    U.S.-Mexico relations worsened in the past year after the U.S. National Guard was sent to the U.S.-Mexico border to assist the U.S. Border Patrol and help build hundreds of miles of wall to keep out illegal migrants.

    Mexicans are also upset over a U.S. Senate proposal for a sweeping immigration reform bill that would limit the consideration of family ties, capping visas for foreign parents of U.S. citizens at 40,000 a year. The plan would change a system that favored family ties for four decades.

    Many Mexicans also feel that the United States exerts its influence to tip the balance in its favor, whether in global politics or sports events.

    On Tuesday, Mexican media lamented the fact that their contestant, Rosa Maria Ojeda, did not make it to the top five in the pageant while Smith did, despite falling down on the runway. Smith's fifth place finish only added to the theory that the United States always is favored.

    The Mexican newspaper El Universal said Ojeda's fans were not as upset about her top-10 finish as they were that "the judges did not penalize that fact that Miss USA totally fell on her seat after she stepped on her dress."

    The newspaper said that when the show went to a commercial break, an NBC representative warned the audience of 9,000 to behave because "this gives the world a bad image of Mexico."

    Donald Trump, who co-owns the pageant, brushed off the ruckus as Mexicans' frustration with Washington politics.

    Smith did not comment publicly after the contest. On Tuesday, she flew back to the United States.
  2. Olberman was all over it.

    O'Reilly and as far as I can tell the other guy...the CNN guy didn't touch it. They're both puzzies. What do you expect?

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    Hmmm.. and of course imagine the reaction if americans boo'd mexicans here in the US? every vile name would be heaped upom us and the international community demanding apoligies and riots of mexicans in our streets waving their flags... when do we as americans wake up?
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    What exactly were they booing? The fact that we may be about to sanction all their countrymen who are here in the USA illegally?

  5. I believe that (illegal) Mexicans are ruining California

    Frankly I would like to have a few around to work on my cars, to do some construction work, to garden around my place and to cook food in the few good Mexican restaurants around here. Other than that, I would pay to ship them back to Tijuana. Let them paint their own walls with graffiti. Let them sell drugs (and their female relatives) to their own people. I have had enough of gangbangers, lowriders, alcoholics, and drug addicts from that shitty run down country. I say ship them back, all of them..
    If I have to, I will go out in the fields and pick my own produce.

    I think i have covered everything.

    By the way Mexicans, I am sorry we Anglos came over here and took your land...same with the American Indians, I really am sorry, but hey it is history man, get over it.....suck it up....walk it off....rub some dirt on it and move on you lazy illiterate sons of bitches.

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  6. I was wondering if someone was going to start a thread on this.
    I almost did the night of the pageant.

    I was throughly disgusted by the behavior of the audience in Mexico.

    Hope it's the last one ever held down there. They don't deserve it.

    Oh yeah, and send the illegals back to Mexico where they belong.

    I won't miss any of them.
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    i'm glad it happened

    i keep pointing to mr hyde, and people respond by telling me about wonderfull dr jekyll
  8. they aren't coming here to assimilate, they are coming to take back their land.
  9. Which is exactly why we should be shooting them as they invade. The best wall we could build would be a wall of dead bodies.
    BTW, It ain't their land anymore and hasn't been for many moons.
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    Why are our leaders encouraging sedition?
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