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  2. Progressives , ie democrats, are funny. They are perfectly prepared to destroy (someone else's) businesses or an entire economy to address fanciful or overblown threats. At the same time, they force all of us to be exposed to real threats that actually kill people in large numbers because to protect us would conflict with their dopey ideas. This mess on the border is just the latest example. How many of these illegals are brigning drug-resistant TB with them? We have no idea, but the administration is still sending them all over the country, to make it impossible to trace them and round them up.
  3. Sounds mighty Cloward-Piven to me.

    Odumbo's actions are RECKLESS AND IRRESPONSIBLE as president.... unless, of course, he's trying to create chaos for political objectives.

  4. Gee if anyone, who can read and not only read but also comprehend what they read , had bothered to click on that link to read more you would see:

    "According to the EPA’s website, methyl bromide is a toxic substance. "

    "The United States and 26 other countries agreed in 1987, through an international treaty, to phase the product out of the market."

    So Saint Ronnie signed the treaty back in the 1980's to phase out and ban the chemical but for some reason the dimwit farmer didn't bother to prepare by using alternatives. Obviously he has, <long dramatic pause> a republican mind.
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    "Bromomethane, commonly known as methyl bromide, is an organobromine compound with formula CH3Br. This colorless, odorless, nonflammable gas is produced both industrially and particularly biologically. It has a tetrahedral shape and it is a recognized ozone-depleting chemical. It was used extensively as a pesticide until being phased out by most countries in the early 2000s."

    As I recall, somewhere around 3% of scientists at the time of the phaseout discussion were arguing that the chemical is not subject to photodissociation, but if it were, it would not release elemental bromine in quantities sufficient to significantly react with stratospheric ozone, a chemical reaction they also argued occurs naturally, has for millenia, and which Man can do nothing about anyway.
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    Oh I'm sure the Mexican farmers only use the safe stuff.

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    Obama was warned, "don't you sign that Montreal Protocol". But did he listen? Noooooo, of course not, because HE'S HELLBENT ON DESTROYING AMERICA AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO SIGNED THAT PROTOCOL!!!1!

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