Mexican illegal immigration question

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  1. Instead of paying thousands of dollars and risking your lives to come across the border, why not cone across as a tourist, visit a fb friend, and then simply overstay your welcome.
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    pardon me,but you are asking too many idiotic questions..learn how to use use google search for's still get US visa you have to apply for it,pay appropriate fees(few hundred dollars). then you have to go on interview,where you have to prove that you have no interest to stay in US longer than you are applying for.
    mean that you have to bring a shitload of documents about your income,employment history,family least this is how it's works in some eastern European countries..(imo-no match to a cheap labor from south by education and overall intelligence)
    my guess is that 99.9% of those requests from any South America countries will be simply rejected. and yes, embassy will keep the fees.
  3. none of those mexicans can get tourist visa from the US embassy in Mexico

    The way they look, dress and talk, guys in the embassy can tell in a second that they are not after vacationing.

    Also, illegal mexicans as we call them are mostly central american not really mexican. In addition, most of them are not Spanish descendants, rather they are the indigineous people, indians of those countries.

    I have never seen white mexican in the US. They are the ruling class in mexico and they can obtain tourist visa in a second, most of them much richer than you can imagine.
  4. Its been a while since I checked, but in order for them to get a tourist Visa, they need something like $8,000 in the bank, or need to own property or a business or something that keeps them tied to mexico.

    Europe has more relaxed visa programs. A mexican can fly to Spain or Germany and stay visa free for the first 90 days.
  5. Any idea if it is easy to work illegally in Europe?
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  7. Of course we don't wont to kick them out until they clean up and repair all the tornado, hail and flood damaged areas, then they can get the hell out.
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    Go to Ikea in San Diego. Lots of White Mexicans there :) You make a good point though, I never really appreciated that Mexico is basically an Apartheid state, until I moved to San Diego. All of the Mexicans I'd seen for the most part were the poor brown ones picking berries and doing landscaping, etc... In San Diego, the rich and middle class Mexicans come over to shop, and relax. They are nearly all caucasian.
  9. Don't forget the wall. They need to build the damn border wall first.
  10. Oh yeah the damn wall, when they finish that then they can get the hell out.
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