mexican hate class ended

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mav88, May 12, 2010.

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    I'm glad to see one of the pillars of liberalism attacked, institutionalized hatred of anything white and western. A bit Ironic that all these mexicans in Tucson have to do to escape whitey oppression is move 100 miles back to Mexico, but they won't do it. Gee whitey can't be that bad eh?

    Oppressed my ass, then just go home.

    First, let's shoot the UN.

    These mother frackin useless tools that are prying around Tucson and making their liberal 'statements' just need to be shot. They can't stop genocides, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, or just about anything else that plagues the planet, but by golly they are liberal 'statement' machines. Their condemnations were so effective against Saddam.

    'People have a right to learn their own culture.... ' is that just bald stupidity or what? Then you go learn it you farggin dipsticks.

    I never once would have thought to demand that american public schools teach me anything about my norweigan heritage. American schools should teach american heritage- period. Rude and pushy demands for hispanic this, muslim that, or black whatever are going to cause a Yugoslavia-like fracturing of North America. The systematic and hate filled attacks on western/american civilization are getting bolder and irreverent, they don't seem to care who they offend with it.

    Quebec is French and Ontario is Anglo. You would think that after all these centuries two advanced cultures like that could get along..... so how close was the seperatist vote? 51%-49%.

    Now envision Ontario is Mexican, how do you think the vote would have gone then?
  2. You are so right. We will have a Northern Ireland/Balkans type situation in the southwest within 20 years, probably sooner. Guess which side the UN will be on?
  3. Yeah, I'm not big on the IRA due to their dealings with PLO etc, but it's hard not to sympathize with their cause. That sort of conflict would be very different now though, with satellite and drone technologies etc.

    Hey, if a few pigs' heads have to roll before the fed learns it's lesson about fucking with states' rights, I wont lose any sleep...

  4. Arizona looking better all the time.

    The old West at its best.
  5. I agree... I don't see why minorities should get special culture classes. My reasoning is simple; I don't want to spend money so that people who are different than me can learn about their own culture; especially when that culture could very well be at odds with my culture. Now if they want to pay for it themselves that’s fine with me but only as long as phrases like “Kill whitey!” don’t pop up in the curriculum.:D
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    The funny thing is that americans by almost a 2 to 1 margin agree that no one should get special culture classes in public school, yet if you listen to the media they are treating it like some sort of lunatick fringe idea.

    liberals just cannot understand their own myopic hatred.
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    Anybody think good economic times lie ahead?

    didn't think so, now combine a declining standard of living and changing demographics with constant minority whining about not getting their little culture classes.

    I see a real powderkeg ahead.