Mexican govt and hispanic advocacy groups to sue GA over illegal immigration law

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    Mexico-linked groups, ACLU, NILC, SPLC, SEIU sue Georgia over Arizona-style immigration law

    A group of far-left, pro-illegal immigration groups are suing Georgia over that state's new Arizona-style immigration law. And, at least three of the groups have direct links to the Mexican government.

    The names of most of those involved will be familiar: the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Immigration Law Center, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The first two have recently also sued Indiana and Utah. The Service Employees International Union is one of the many plaintiffs in the Georgia suit; they're also involved in the Utah suit. The ACLU's press release is at [1].

    The ACLU is one of the groups that's directly linked to the Mexican government. Another group linked to the Mexican government is a plaintiff in the case, the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights. GLAHR is headed by Teodoro Maus, former Mexican consul general in Atlanta. Another group, the Instituto de Mexico, is also directly linked to the Mexican government. Others involved in the suit include many names familiar from past ACLU/NILC suits; they're listed at [2].

    There are at least two things you can do about this:

    1. If the ACLU's summary of the law is factually incorrect as I suspect it is, point that out publicly. Contact reporters and otherwise attempt to show how the ACLU is lying.

    2. Find a smart, experienced trial lawyer to challenge the ACLU on video about their support for illegal immigration and their coziness with the Mexican government. Discrediting the ACLU and revealing them for what they are would go a long way towards reducing the damage they do to the U.S. See their name's link above for some questions.

    Discrediting groups like the ACLU to their current and potential supporters (not just to those who already oppose them) is the single most effective thing that you can do to prevent future suits like this. Please take a few minutes right now and encourage those in the area to organize efforts to discredit the ACLU to their supporters.

    UPDATE: Obviously, there's a lot of money to be followed in this suit: immigration lawyers, entities linked to foreign governments that receive millions or billions by sending people to the U.S., entities linked to major employers, and so on. An example of the latter is here. It quotes Paul Bridges - mayor of Uvalda and a plaintiff in the suit - as saying:

    "The immigrants who pick our Vidalia onions and other crops work fast and we can't get that kind of skilled labor otherwise."

    Much has been written here about immigration agriculture, but a) Bridges isn't demanding that onion growers hire only legal workers, such as some of the millions of unemployed Americans, b) if onion growers can't find enough labor then perhaps they'll spur innovation in developing onion-picking machines, and c) the South's record on cheap labor isn't that great.

    UPDATE 2: A leader of Workers United has made a racist quote; ask the SPLC to denounce the quote.

  2. This won't get decided until it reaches the Supreme Court.
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    They're going to be busy the next few years, then.
  4. Find a smart, experienced trial lawyer to challenge the ACLU

    How about John Edwards? He understands the big wins.

    Uhmnnn. Where's the money?