Mexican couple admit to 27,000-round ammo cache in Texas

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, May 15, 2012.

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  2. Since when is there a maximum limit on the amount of ammo one can posess? That story is bullshit.
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    Since when is 27,000 rounds a "cache"?

    Must be a typo.
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    I wonder where one crosses the line from weapons collection to arms cache? I thought if the weapons were legal individually, you were good to go.

  5. When you enter into the united states illegally like these two clowns did.

    It is against the law to enter mexico with even a single round of ammuntion. These guys had 27,000 rounds. They also did not live in the US. They lived in mexico. Its obvious these 27,000 rounds were going to be used to kill people.

    Lets reverse it. Lets say as an american, you went to india, then you slipped into pakistan illegally. While you were there you bought 1000s of rounds of ammo (which is legal to own in pakistan), but then the police pulled you over. What do you think would happen to you with the police knowing you were there illegally?
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    OK, but what was this guys crime. They don't say he was an illegal.

    A man was arrested and charged with felony possession of firearms after a traffic stop on Interstate 95 uncovered numerous assault weapons and ammunition.

    Hampton Couty Sheriff's deputies stopped Hassan Jamil Salame, 42, no address available, heading south at the 38 mile marker on I-95 around 1:10 p.m. Wednesday. Salame was driving a truck that was pulling a large boat.

    According to aSheriff's Office spokesperson, once the officer approached the vehicle, he smelled what he believed to be marijuana.

    A dog was brought in to search the vehicle. The search of the boat yielded about 14 weapons, including handguns, shotguns, rifles, scopes, assault weapons and several boxes of ammunition.

    The Hampton County Sheriff's Office was assisted on the call by the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad, the Yemassee Police Department, ATF and ICE. The Yemassee Fire Department and Hampton County EMS personnel also responded.

    Bomb dogs were also brought to the scene as precaution. Salame was placed into the custody of federal authorities. The incident remains under investigation by several agencies, including ATF, ICE and the FBI.
  7. In both cases there is nothing more than an immigration issue. Doing something otherwise lawful does not make it unlawful. Are you going to arrest him for breathing, sleeping, eating, urinating, etc.? No. Arrest him on the immigration charge because that's the only unlawful activity.
  8. Thats a completely different article and completely different man that was arrested.
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    No kidding. I'm just asking what was his crime in transporting 14 weapons in his boat?