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    Can you lead me to financial entities who purchase Mexican Bearer Bonds? I have some of the old historical Mexican bonds, i.e. 1899 Series A Orange, 1866 Santa Anna, 1843, etc. I just need a real buyer to sale them to, so that I may claim the value of the bond(s). I have heard that some of these bonds have good to great value.

    Can you assist me?

    Keith Walker


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    Thank you. What division of JPMorgan Chase should I contact? I have sent out a few feelers to some of the European banks, i.e. ABN AMRO, UBS, Credit Suisse, etc. I have not found the coordinates to contact HSBC (Britain); there is no e-mail contact for this on their website.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I have met several people holding old Mexican bearer bonds, sadly most of them are worthless. I am attaching a press release by the Mexican Financial Ministry where it states (in spanish) which bearer bonds are worthless.

    I hope this helps.
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    Yes, the attachment can help. The popular bonds seem to have a color, i.e. orange, blue, etc. The only bonds that I am familiar with are, 1899 Series A Orange, 1904 Series A Blue, 1866 Santa Anna and 1843. From frequenting numerous broker message boards, which seem to be a waste of time because no one even knows what a bearer bond is, the aforementioned are the most wanted.

    I know of an owner who has a voluminous inventory of bonds, some of which, have been verifed by the Mexican Hacienda. I just need a real Buyer who can tell me what they are truly worth, and, if so, authenticate the bonds for a sale.
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    I wouldn't say they are worthless. They are antique collectibles now... and their market value has nothing to do with the face value.


    There are alot of Mexican Nationals, in San Antonio Texas have an auction to the highest bidder.
  8. There is a myriad of articles on-line describing wild prices for Mexican bearer bonds as being the holy grail of investment strategy as it allows to carry a huge sum of money on a bond note.
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    which is the holy grail for drug dealers and black-market weapon merchants. After GM and Ford stopped issuing bearer bonds, Mexican government is probably the main source of these now.