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    Metro PCS...

    Anyone have any experience with them ?

    They offer $50 and $60 all inclusive packages (MetroPCS Rate Plans offer talk-all-you-want service, include taxes and regulatory fees, and have no annual contract.) with unlimited talk, text, web on a 4 g network.
    No contract required at all , just pay the monthly fee.

    Must purchase the phone through them first then activate it with a selected plan.

    I am interested in what they offer and only know of one person who uses their service and they are a satisfied customer.

    I currently have Verizon and have been with them since the Bell days.
    Only thing I dislike is the 2 year contracts with Verizon.
    My droid x just died after 1.5 years and I have to purchase a new phone with verizon. I lose the every 2 year new phone discount because of early upgrade ( no choice, no phone ) and have to renew 2 year contract.
    Have committed to the contracts for a very long time with verizon and a change would be nice.

    I live close to NYC

    Appreciate any feedback.

    LG Esteem review here for Metro PCS
  2. stay away from them, they're total garbage. not only do they have a limited service area, but their signals tend to be poorer than at&t, verizon and tmobile. they are also unreliable. my friends used them and we noticed about 1 in 10 text msgs sent or received through them never arrive.

    their website is a joke too... very slow and down a lot. they changed it a few times and each time, you had to re-register. it's like their website was designed by a couple of college interns or something.

    the company just seems really disorganized
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    maybe you can try to use a cheap verizon phone until time to upgrade

    that was what I did when I lost my AT&T phone, went to AT&T store, bought a cheap phone, told them I wanted to use the same phone number they activated for me, maybe verizon can do the same for you.
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    Close to NY doesn't really cut it for MetroPCS. It works well IN NYC (I have been able to make calls deep inside buildings where even Verizon could not reach) but once you get beyond it's limits, no service. Once I drove to Mass. and the service cut out almost right after I crossed into Ct and did not get it back until crossed the state line into Mass. Go figure. Also, CS sux. I mean really sux.

    Virgin mobile has probably a better deal - they have a few Android phone with service starting at 35/month (300 minutes) to 55 (unlimited minutes). Uses the Sprint voice/data network so that depends on where you are, but in NYC area, it can be decent. Best part - I have the LG Optimus Android phone which I easily rooted and turned it into a hotspot device which comes in handy from time to time. Drawback, only 3G, no 4G yet.
  5. Doesn't sound good for metro pcs.
    They show their map coverage that implies large areas of service including 3G and decent 4g.
    Looked at the droid motorola razor from verizon if I do decide to renew contract.
    I was turned off by the non removable battery. There have been times when I had minor issues with the droix x and pulled the battery which cleared the problem.
    That is not possible with the razor, also the bionic had some issues although that may be resolved now.

    I will continue to look around really appreciate all the feedback

  6. Looks good. Virgin mobile has plans that are really decent ( $55.00 unlimited talk , text web ) and some nice android phones


    T - Mobile 4 g plans with android phones , also no contract required.
  7. Metro PCS sucks *ss. My mother switched from ATT to Metro a few months ago, only to switch back to ATT bcuz of Metro's crappy coverage and high drop call rate(here in Miami)
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  8. Tell your sister to relax. Im working on an unlimited text / talk to my sausage calling plan
    so she gets her daily fill.