Metlife and Insurance companies, the other shoe to drop according to cramer and Minya

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  1. According cramer the other shoe to drop could be the insurance companies, due their garantee programs,and liabilities. I dont know if hes right, I dont see bush or any of them allowing any insurance company to fail, if they didnt allow morgan, I dont know if they could allow a met to fail. If you read throught Metlife's latest filing, they are set tobe downgraded. but I dont know. It could be deathknell blow if they are. But so was aig's. but there still around. Minyanville thinks insurance companies are next in line to be shot down.
  2. Any business that's risk model is based on breakage is in peril unless they can hedge in a hurry.
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    It's a shame Cramer was telling people to BUY (HIGH) so long ago and now maybe telling people to SELL? Possibly very low? WOW. Does MSNBC have no shame, as like in Peter Costa? Another guy that's ALWAYS wrong, but yet whom they interview EVERYOTHER DAM DAY!??!

    Well if Met does go under, after the comments they made on their conference call their CEO/CFO etc, better do 25 TO LIFE! I guess Cramer missed it?

    Edit: And yeah, if they bailed out INVESTMENT BANKS WHO TOOK ON RIDICULOUS RISK, then they better bail out people who have retirement money in annuites and other retirement vehicles. If they let that happen, then this country is really gone.
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    OH MY GOD! Hint on the scam artist that be Cramer. When he says something on SAD MONEY or somewhere else, be sure to cross reference it with one of HIS MANY MANY MANY other shows/interviews or whatever entertainment he happend to be doing that day!

  5. I dont know how, metlife got themselves in this situation with their garanteed programs.

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    I talked to a lawyer friend who does personal injury suits. Around 8months ago insurance companies were settling but said they needed 6 months to pay. Guess what, they aren’t paying on settlements they already made. Also he said that none of them will settle now, that they want everything to go to court because even though they risk a larger judgment, they will appeal and won’t have to fork over money for a while. They are doing anything to keep from having to write a check now even it will cost them far more in the future.

  7. the much vaunted american financial system is nothing more than an elaborate house of cards.

    They shuffle debt around and it adds up to the spurious GDP numbers.

    remove ligation, accounting and the hidden drug economy, and the real american economy is about 30% of the alleged numbers.

    The DOW will hit 6000 before all is said and done.

    Because that's where it really belongs.
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    I'm sorry can you copy and paste where their set to be downgraded, I'm sure it's there just couldn't find it thanks. Want to send it in my email to Cramer, so I can point out yet another one of his scams.

    EDIT and to the guy abouve, 6000 is being generous, DOW probably bottoms around 4500 or so in 3 years.
  9. no prob, the filing is huge, lol its like 10q.
    We have been informed by one of the major NRSROs that they plan to review our ratings during the fourth quarter of 2008. It is possible that the outcome of this review will have adverse ratings consequences, which could have a material adverse effect on our results of operation and financial condition.

    also note, they put in this little baby

    Our Valuation of Fixed Maturity, Equity and Trading Securities May Include Methodologies, Estimations and Assumptions Which Are Subject to Differing Interpretations and Could Result in Changes to Investment Valuations That May Materially Adversely Affect Our Results of Operations or Financial Condition

    meaning they take alot of liberties in their filings, and that ratings firms like moody's could take a significant diffrent approach. I thought metlife was suppose tobe conservative firm.
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    Well looks like we have more public hangings coming, in MET CEO, hope he gets some SOAP ON A ROPE! Because while I understand no company can assure its shareholders of survival, MET's people basically did in their conference call. Naturally Cramer will come out and say he told be to sell it, not buy it, and since he's a former GS manager and a market maker in his own way, he'll get a pass.

    OR, another MULTI BILLION dollar bailout for a company that doesn't deserve it. Because if Met goes down, LMFAO, well.

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