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    Ad thread: $50 works.

    I found MetaTrader4 is a far better tool than I expected, and am working on it extensively now.

    One issue I found quite problematic is the 'server-time'. Since the time-stamp of the chart-bar corresponds to the server feed time and varies depending on each vendors, it is often problematic to work on based on EST. So, I have developed a server time independent indicators. The script checks the time-lag between the local-time of the PC(EST, it should be) and the server-time, then modifiy the timestamps of the chart-bar. Therefore, serer-time indpendent, being consistent.

    Another issue is the background grid of MT4 is useless. You cannot view, for instance, significant level lines on a chart such as 1.2000, 1.2100 and so on. Working on that, too. Check the image posted.

    MT4 indicators- Pivot and Fib level based on the prior session for sale.
    Additional custom MT4 coding $50 units.

    If you are interested, PM me.

  2. no offense, but there are quite a few people offering the exact same pivots for free on many message boards across the webuniverse. Congrats that you have learned to code a few lines on charts. Offer something original and worthwhile if you are going to spam my journal!
  3. well, offended.
    I don't think this type of scipt that is timezone independent and able to offset intraday pivot start time is common around. I am, originally, a C# programmer, and know this is valuable.
    Show me the MT4 code that is the timezone-free pivot that you can change open hour, if you insist so.

    In fact, I alreday had some PMs for further information.

    Thank you.
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    such indicator was already made and shared for free by Shimodax in this thread -

    btw, if you don't like the grid on MT chart, you may remove it in chart prefernces