MetaTrader or Tradestation

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by robbo, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. robbo


    I want to develop some automated systems to trade the forex market. I am a novice programmer. What would be the easier language to learn, Tradestation or Metatrader?
  2. Dr Who

    Dr Who

    Metatrader has been designed for bent brokers so they can manipulate prices. MT4/5 is easy to use and code but your problem is that 99% of the brokers won't let you win.

    Tradestation is much better but have you thought about Ninja ? Personally I'd decide on your broker before you decide on the software.
  3. BwPirt


    Can you explain a little further about Metatrader? I started using it recently, and I'm a new trader as well. I don't want to be taken advantage of.
  4. Dr Who has an obvious bias considering 99% of fx brokers provide mt if not as their
    primary order entry/charting platform, their secondary platform, they now Have to or
    they won't get the clients, FXCM is one example and Oanda may be providing mt

    MetaQuotes the developer of mt created the 'MT4 Brokers' Virtual Dealer Plug-In'
    which 'manipulated' prices, however the NFA caught up with a couple of users - see:

    as to which language, I've no idea, but NinjaTrader means trading futures for me
    while fx is available to trade with Ninja and TS, it's via GAIN - see posted thread
  5. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    NinjaTrader supports GAIN Capital/, Interactive Brokers and MB Trading for FX trading.
  6. NinjaTrader_Ray

    NinjaTrader_Ray ET Sponsor

    I forgot to add that is also supported for FX trading through NinjaTrader.