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Discussion in 'Forex' started by flakac, Jun 3, 2005.

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    I use MetaTrader. I have a demo account (Alpari) but I don't receive any news into metatrader. Is this a technical problem or can you recommend a broker which provide news to demo account? I have tried some other brokers but I don't receive any news to. Please advice.
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    Thank you for advice. However, does a Saxobank use MetaTrader?
    I have downloaded their platform and it seems it isn't based on MetaTrader. Also, I haven't found any information about API on
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    See thread "Saxotrader pros & cons" in Forex Brokers forum of this board before conducting any business with Saxo Bank. Check elsewhere, too. I say that because Saxo ripped us off. Also, it holds itself out as accountable to a regulator when in fact it is not accountable at all. I know. When it burned our account, we sought help from Saxo's so-called Danish regulator. No luck, not even the courtesy of a meaningful reply. The regulator, Finanstilsynet (the Danish name), told us that Saxo is protected by confidentiality even from requests to the regulator from Saxo's own customers.
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    You are too sensitive, Chood. They are just interested in Saxo's news plug-in, not Saxo's dealing.
  6. Get a demo account with fxcm/refco and install the news plugin.
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    Good, glad to hear that.