MetaTrader is acting up

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by kooltrader, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. I am using Metatrader as my charting software. I want to open a new chart for EURUSD and it won't change to candlesticks. It only allows me to do line and bar charts. When I initally open a new chart, it shows bar charts, then if I change it to candlesticks in properties , it won't change.
    I have the latest version of MT.
  2. don't use Properties, use the candle icon on Menu
  3. I did, but it won't change .
  4. I had the same problem after the last update to build 216, had to uninstall and reinstall. Don't forget to save any experts, custom indicators, and templates, I did and had to get them off a back-up!
  5. just checked and I can switch between bars and candles via menu

    the problem I experience periodically, not yet with v216 is that
    mt chimes and loads but then boyngs, re-chimes then gets going
    again. I switched from Alpari UK to Alpari US, maybe it was that
    particular server but mt was also hanging, very annoying
    never re-installed or emailed them, so far ok with the US install
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    I had this Exact same problem when i first started using metatrader. the problem is the chart is in 1hr mode and is all squeezed on the Time axis you need to spread it out to be able to see the candles, just open the new chart set it to candles and pull the time axis to the right to spread it apart that should do it.