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    first off i want to say hello to everyone here. just found your site by accident. seems like a pretty nice forum to be a part of

    my question to all; i have been reasearching online data feeds. i am currently using metatrader through FXDD and i have no complaints so far. i was wondering, instead of paying for a data feed like tradestation or esignal (i only do forex and esignal would force me to buy the basic USA stocks which would be useless for me.. at like 125 dollars a month give or take). i saw other platforms like "investor2007" and " quik" that have a built in data export through a winrose.exe file built in that works for any third party program that accepts esignal as a provider. does anyone know of a program that would export the data from metatrader to programs like metastock pro, refined elliot trader, ADGET, or Elwave?

    thanks for any replies or suggestions
  2. That is an interesting question. Did you have any success?
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    not yet. there was a program called metaserver rt ondemand that used to connect the programs for the metatrader 3. unfortunately they don't sell that version or have a version for the new metatrader4 yet. so the search continues. also there was a program from a company called hypertrader that used to have one but that one is discontinued as well.
  4. Looking forward to anything else you come across. I am also looking for fx quotes to export to excel for a spreadsheet I am working on. Unfortunately I am brand new at this excel thing so I don't know what the hell I am doing. LOL

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    if you are looking for FX quotes to excel maybe you can look at a program called IDLE from akmos trade. they offer a descent free datafeed with a lot of differant functions ( global server, metastock) and i know they have a built in DDE function you might be able to use.
  6. Thanks a million for the info!
  7. kidhudi, the attached ' AGData.mq4 ' indicator converts MT4 price data so it can be displayed
    in AGET eod - - presuming you're using the eod version
    place the indicator in MT4 Experts/Indicators folder; place it on the chart of each pair you want
    to collect data for, AGData appears in left corner; update each timeframe; note this will slow
    the operation of MT particularly if you've lots of studies on charts; update AG charts by opening
    and closing AG; this indicator may also work for some other programs
    delete the ' .txt ' from the filename to produce the ' .mq4 ' format

    I can provide a copy of ' MetaQuotes ' the original MT program that Alpari, Moscow continue to
    provide a server for; MQ feeds realtime price data into MetaStock; MQ is limited to 11 pairs; pm
    me your email address for a copy of MQ

    several indicators and such have been written to collect data from MT4 for other charting
    programs, most of which have to be updated by open/close the program or similar, search
    via Google such as: MT4 elwave

    Alpari, Moscow still provide a server for and MT3 plus the Omega - TS2Ki - data bank loader
    and service packs:
    a note: all Alpari demo/real MT4 'non-Russian' accounts are opened via Alpari, London, UK:
    Alpari New York, USA are not yet open
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    hey wallace thanks for the reply. first off i already have the AGET script and i made changes to it to load into thr RET (refined elliott trader) when they had the program load Yahoo data under the demo mode. there are 2 downfalls with exporting data from MT4 . #1 some scripts make you load the chart before the export. #2 the scripts that periodically export the data really bog down the computer and eat the RAM and make it slow as a snail. i tried these alternatives and found them OK but i am looking for a better solution.

    MT3 is no good because my broker (FXDD) doesn't support that platform.

    besides my whole goal is to open a chart ondemand from the server and have it update in realtime ( mostly for metastock and RET in realtime) and that can only be done through a winrose server that emulates Esignal.

    thank you so much for your input i do appreciate it.

    i will let you know if i find a cost effective solution

  9. Have you considered trying a tool like metatrader 4 and seeing if you can extract the data from it? Fxdd is the best broker for MT4 from what understand.
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    The Metatrader 'history center' will export data to .csv files.
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