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  1. left oanda because of spreads were unreasonable and I am looking for a good broker with that uses metatrader.

    Do you guys have any recommendations for a broker that uses metatrader?
  2. ssblack


    i've used most of them, and come to the conclusion that Velocity4x is the better of them all.

    of course, I am an IB with them so i am a bit biased. but i have IB's with FXDD and InterbankFX as well. i run family accounts which is why i have the IB with them.

    interesting that you're shying away from OANDA, i was thinking of writing to their API. why were the spreads unreasonable?
  3. Cybren


    Leaving Oanda because spreads are unreasonable and switching to a metatrader broker sounds really funny.

    Metatrader is designed and used for a broker to rip clients off. Ofcourse the charts and autotrading are nice but Oanda is by far a better broker.

    If you leave Oanda now because of spreads you were probably 'trading' the news, which was not more then trying to profit from a bit of latency.

    I wish you sucess trying to do the same with a metatrader broker, you will enjoy reqoutes and/or slow fills/negative slippage.
  4. Indeed, Metatrader is designed to rip
    of clients !:D

    Certainly stay away from InterbankFX.
    FXDD is better.

    Oanda is about the best deal out there
    for retail traders. They widen the spread
    during volatile markets but on average
    the spread is the best you can get.
  5. RedDuke


    You are either a competitor or a fool. Oanda is one of the best choices to trade forex on retail level. The only time when spread widen is during economic news releases, and then they go back to normal with 1-2 minutes.

    If you refer to Sunday large spread, it is Sunday and if you want to trade when most of thw world is closed yuo have to pay up.
  6. genevaroth ; only 3 posts , this smells
    like a competitor :cool:
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    oanda is good , ibfx is bad .
  8. ha ha competitor, fool? probably if I am hanging out here ; )- I am new to forex, I have only been trading for a year- but the knowledge I have gleaned here is really making me look at IB- if I can find a better frontend or add on of some kind.

    Oh, the reason I joined oanda was the spreads and "ethicalness" of their whole mantra. but after a while they changed the spreads to 15pips on eur/usd on "news" days. I never really traded on news but I would trade that day- and the spread would stay all day like that. my trading style of late would be small swings - like no more than 70-80 pips tops and when you work that out is is 21.42% commission. oanda can go to h*ll.
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    well , oanda won't go to h*ll , unless you go first , that's for sure .
  10. Genevaroth,

    You can find the spread statistics of Oanda on their website.

    That the spread widens during news
    releases is nothing more than normal,
    how otherwise can they hedge when
    price is jumping around like crazy ?

    It is the only HONEST forex broker that
    I know of for retail traders.

    You won't find an honest Metatrader
    broker, guess newbies have to expe-
    rience this first by themselves, good
    luck !(ALL metatraders do stop running,individual pricing,...)
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