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  1. Hello,
    all who want to trade an IB account from MetaTrader,
    please have a look here:

    and to trade IB FA accounts and detailed order placement rules

    Both software bridges CAN'T FEED metaTrader CHARTS. There is no software doing this.

    Both software do not require any kind of coding.

    The bridges are useful for people who:
    - trade sizes >= $ 25.000 as they can save significantly costs when
    going with IB (fixed commission per 100.000 $ order = $ 2.5)
    instead of MetaTrader linked broker (mostly 0.8-2 pips costs per order, therefore no commssions)
    - people who haven't access to MQL4 code, such as users of commercial scripts.
  2. Hi,

    I don't want to trade through MetaTrader with IB.

    All I want is to see Futures(6E and 6B) using IB as a data feed.

    Is this possible?

    I've been searching for long now but I have only seen very commercial solutions.

    Login in, using IB account info doesn't seem to work. Nor some MT4 connector from Ranartech..

    Please help!
  3. hello,
    you can't feed metatrader charts with other data then from
    metatrader server.
  4. And you cannot use IB as a server?
  5. I have other Demo server running now but it produces no Futures?

    Can I see this futures anyway?
  6. despichtt, if you just want to chart the 6E/B consider using this company's demo
    which has all the futures contracts, including some continuous
    there may be some difference in prices but that should be easy to notice as the
    prices update
  7. Thank you Wallace; thats about the best I've heared the last couple days.

    Noy sure if this Demo is still working because the link doesnt work.

    I've send them mail to ask for it..
  8. On other Forum I have all kinds of Bulgarian Mobsters trying to push their software to me!

    I would never do any business with those people. If I knew before this MT4 was Bulgarian platform as well I would have never tried..

    But as it is, its pritty cool platform and I like to see it running on my favorite futures!
  9. LeeD


    Just remember a demo platform will not have real-time futures prices. Having real-time prices involves paying to the exchange who wouldn't forfeit the fees just because it is a "demo".
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