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    Recently the contest for the title of the best graphic control panel in MQL5 was held. Its main purpose was to demonstrate the opportunities of the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal and the MQL5 programming language. The most important result of the contest was the emergence of graphical tools that simplify traders' daily activities making them more comfortable. A customizable interface, additional functionality that enhances the client terminal, and automation of routine activities - all this was achieved through graphic panels.

    Eight programs took part in the contest, of which the best three were chosen. The first place and the prize of $1000 went to TradeExpertPack written by TheXpert. The second place and the prize of $500 was given to VirtualTradePad by Vladon. Both panels greatly simplify the work in the MetaTrader 5, allowing you to trade directly on the chart. With the wide range of settings, design of the panels can be varied to your taste. Work with pending orders is also implemented in them.

    The third place with a prize of $300 goes to Vigor for his panel and visual generator of strategies FAT PANEL (The First Algorithmic Trading). A distinctive feature of this work is the presence of the trading strategies constructor. This allows any trader to create their own strategy using different blocks. The panel also provides the possibility to run a created strategy in a tester. The features of this work are shown in the following video.

    After the successful experience of the first contest, we have decided to regularly hold such a competition event. The next competition - "Best visualization in MQL5" - began on the 10th of January. Any MQL5-developer can take part in it. We wish the participants good luck - in fact everyone will benefit. The winners will receive prizes, and traders will get user friendly graphical tools for working in the client terminal.

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  2. hi Fat

    when will MetaTrader have seconds charts ?

    these days there's not only the $ volume there's the client volume and timeframes
    to handle smaller periods is required