MetaTrader 4 via Mirus Forex (and NinjaTrader)

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Wallace, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. just discovered Mirus have an fx 'division':
    they must be the only futures broker who offer MT4 , via Alpari
    account minimum $500 micro and up; and $2,000 for the NDD + commission, mini:
    Alpari also offer futures trading accounts using NT etc

    fx with NinjaTrader is GAIN/ only and the minimum fee for NT is $50/mth
    presume account minimums are similar to Alpari's
    . . .

    NT also provides an FXCM feed, but there are currently known issues, see -
  2. Look up AMP's details on NFA's BASIC search, they just got approved to offer Forex though a whitelabel provider themselves. (Like Mirus, they can't deal or make a market, but they can provide services.)

    It seems most futures brokers are adding on IB services to FX providers.

    I wonder if they'll start offering more OTC services.
  3. RCG has(had?) something too, Integral based. But its completely pointless, they charge a stupidly high commission AND pad the spread 0.2 pips each way.

    There is an increasingly anti-competitive tendency in american retail fx. No big wonder, when the NFA shuts down a RFED every other month. Oanda now has higher spreads too. Basically, as far as non-crap retail fx providers are concerned, there is only IB left. Unsure about Citi.
  4. I don't really see any advantage in an fx account with a futures broker, excepting if
    one's trading both then one can use the one broker
    AMP's minimum account margin is $500 and that might be the same for an fx account
    for me there's no longer any advantage to trading an fx account, except for 2 things
    1 an account can be opened with less than $500
    2 Oanda Canada lists 92 pairs including gold and silver currency pairs
    non North American fx brokers offer a lot more products, stocks, cfds and futures so
    they're ahead of the game
    wonder if FXCM for instance will go the other way and apply for FCM status and start
    offering futures trading
  5. fxcm and gain.

    big fail.