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    Hi people!

    I'm having some issue with MT4 Oanda. Sometimes when I place or close an order it freezes and says " Please wait" the order then is executed after 3 minutes with whatever the price is after 3 minutes. This issue is only with Oanda as far as I know. I'm thinking of opening a real account with them, but I don't want to deal with this problem.:(
  2. " I'm thinking of opening a real account with them, but I don't want to deal with this problem.............."

    get your head out of the clouds.

    this is a pc. of crap bucket shop.

    a fully manipulated server platform

    quote feed freeze in fast markets, spread widening etc.

    a total scam.



    you better not be trolling either............:)
  3. server manipulation tools.


  4. the scumbags see it all on one screen.

    your stops, % of margin used , your balance.


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  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I trade live with Oanda - no where near what I used to. I pulled a lot of money out of them back in 2009. I do NOT use the MT4 platform, though and I never have issues.

    Shopster is right, though. If you're in a fast market, or around news times, be prepared for frequent disconnects, slow response, etc. In normal markets, Oanda is fine (not using MT4).
  6. I wouldn't use MT to trade with, and after the repayments/fines that GAIN and FXCM had
    to pay No company is manipulating fills anymore
    however Oanda's fxtrade when I was using it gave me the fastest fills, click and filled
    so you could use MT for analysis etc but enter/close orders via fxtrade
    ask customer service to switch your account, then use the demo MT


    consider the M6E, the CME Globex exchange traded micro EuroFX 6E futures contract
    for intra/daytrading and dtds trading, I think the M6E’s a better deal than spot, I do trade
    it and haven't been disappointed with the fills

    at Oanda’s 50:1 leverage for $12,500 eurusd which is the size of the M6E contract, the
    margin is $309.19 at 1.23674
    so with AMP’s $100 daytrading margin, one could trade 3 times the amount/contracts and
    the commission is fixed at $1.99 rt
    pip value for the M6E and spot is $1.25 , and the o/n margin for the M6E is $270.00 but
    no o/n interest charges/fees

    I use the Alpari US MT4 demo for analysis and the free NinjaTrader with CQG feed to
    enter orders, no lags, delays, disconnections or widening spreads
    M6E/6E usually have a price difference to spot, currently about 3 pips, otherwise the
    formation of the price bars is basically the same
    you can get a NinjaTrader demo with the CQG feed and the account minimum with that
    combo is $500