MetaTrader 4 Mobile for Smartphones development started

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Fat, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Fat


    MetaQuotes Software Corp. has started the development of the new mobile terminal, MetaTrader 4 Mobile for Smartphones.

    The new mobile terminal will work on smartphones under the following operating systems:
    - Windows Mobile 2003 SE for Smartphone;
    - Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition.

    The following functions will be available in the terminal:
    - viewing of quotes, news, charts, and internal mail;
    - set of technical indicators;
    - sound alerts;
    - complete support of trading;
    - all security modes (the standard 128-bit encrypting + RSA 1024 bit);
    - LiveUpdate system;
    - multilanguage interface.
  2. Sounds cool please do keep me apprised as to when it will be available. I have a Cingular 8525 Windows Mobile 5.0 ARM processor and would be excited to be able to trade on it.

  3. is this a sneaky way of advertising for the new software? ask about something, and presto someone has what you're looking for? seems kinda fishy to me...

  4. Where's the "ask" part?

    First, a somewhat vague announcement of future extension ("started the development"... wow... I'd better sit down) of a well-known, years-old, FREE software to a portable platform. No target date, time frame or anything.

    Then, 6 month later, a question-free post.

    Yes, very fishy. Clearly a conspiracy. In a Bizarro World.

    started from this post.

  6. sorry if that somehow came across as ingenuine, but I assure you I am not related in anyway to the original poster and/or his company. After I had posted that other question, I decided that maybe I should try the search feature as well. (I guess I should've searched before asking the question.)

    I tried to see if I could send him a private message through the board, but I got an error saying that the member had his profile setup to not receive private messages so I posted a response. Anyhow I am indeed actually just looking for something to use personally. Hopefully they'll turn out something that works and is economical or if it'll just be vaporware and empty promises... but I can see how you might have thought that the posting was not genuine, and it indeed would be a clever way to advertise :)
  7. OK, I see. You might've provided a link, rather than assume that everyone is reading the same threads you are, at the same time. :)

    For all we know, Fat or someone else saw carbtrader's post and sent him a PM. Or carbtrader did a simple search.

    In any case, as mentioned, MT4 is free, so hard to see anything fishy going on here.
  8. "FREE software to a portable platform"
    Nope, it's not FREE I paid $45 for the Treo version.
    It's free if you get from certain brokers, if you open a live account with them.