MetaTrader 4 intraday data into Advanced GET eod

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  1. The indicator in the zip will convert MT4 intraday price data into pseudo Daily data so it can be imported by Advanced GET eod and charts displayed.

    In addition to fx pairs — broker dependant — MT4 provides realtime data for some US indexes, futures contracts and cfds, see:
  2. Updated AgetData indicator for MT4.

    With the original some of the tools such as fibos and Ellipse moved, it doesn't appear to happen in this version but double check to be sure.

    After starting MT4 it may take a minute or more for charts to update especially the 1min.
  3. This update contains 2 MT4 indicators, AGData and MT2W59.

    The MT2W59 will convert data so it's able to be loaded and charts displayed in the Wave59 charting program, update by pressing Ctrl+K.

    See enclosed instructions, for AG users installing both indicators seems to provide a better result.

    note that Alpari provides 18 pairs plus some indicies, futures and cfds in its MT4: