MetaTrader 4 - Brokers ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by tomkit66, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. tomkit66


    Hi all,

    For the last weeks I was looking for the right Charting & Trading Platform to trade the Forex.

    I tried FX Solutions G.T.S, next was VT Trader and just a few minutes ago I ran into Metatrader 4.

    Hopefully someone can help me a little:

    - Who is the best Forex Broker offering Metatrader 4 ?

    - What are the biggest pitfalls of MT 4 if there are any at all ?

    - What´s behind the StrategybuilderFX. I couldn´t figure out what´s the connection to Metatrader 4.

    - Any other Charting and Trading Platform I should look into?

    Thanks in advance & Good Trading
    Tom K.
  2. MT3/4 brokers.

    posted by Martin.

    "Not sure how current the list is but a good start.
    Due Diligence is up to you obviously."

    Admiral Investments and Securities Ltd.
    Alpari Ltd.
    APEX FX Trading
    Bull Trend Brokerage
    EuroForex Development LLC.
    Financial Network Worldwide Ltd.
    FinMarket Ltd.
    Forex Global Investment LLC
    Forex Ltd.
    FX-Pro Ltd.
    IC Vector Securities Ltd.
    Inforex Introducing Broker
    Integral Bank
    Interbank FX
    Jaguars Investment LLC
    Joy Financial Group
    KVB Kunlun New Zealand Limited
    Lefco Bank
    Livingston Investment Inc.
    Man Financial (S) Pte Ltd
    MIG Investments Group LLC
    Orion Global Financial Services
    Performance Forex GmbH
    Real Trade Ltd.
    STS Finance SC
    Teletrade D.J. International Consulting Ltd. [links to]
    The Commercial Group, Inc.
    Windsor Brokers Ltd.
    X-Trade Sp. z o.o.
    SNC investment
    Lite Forex
  3. Wao!, i see the list of brokers has doubled since
    last year, with some vey big names on this list now
  4. tomkit66


    Thanks - pretty big list. I wonder why so many brokers come from Russia or Eastern Europe. Maybe they are Western Europe or American companies and it´s just because of tax reasons?

    Is there already a thread who discusses the quality of service of various brokers regarding Metatrader?

    I liked the VT Trader platform but it seems it´s only available in combination with CMS brokerage and I have found some not so promising threads regarding CMS.

    So what to do?

    Thanks & Good Trading
  5. Actually, the reason for that strong geographical presence is slightly less intriguing: MetaQuotes Software Corp. happens to be a Russian company.

    While top-notch intellectual capital and know-how for things like financial software, may be readily found in that region, tax haven?... afraid not. :)
  6. tomkit66


    ok - understood :)

    may I ask what platform and broker you are using and why ?

  7. Baker


    Hi every one,

    I am a new member; I want to tell you folks that there is a big scandal nowadays. APEX FX TRADING directors and owners are now being under arrest and the investigations are going on. All the local newspapers in Jordan are talking about this scandal.

    Check the Jordan Times
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    For those who know Arabic, other local newspapers have more details.

    APEX FX TRADING has stole millions of Jordanian Dinars from tens of investors and Business men, the numbers are increasing. (1 JOD = 1.41 USD)

    So every one should take care and always count to ten before dealing with any unknown party or newly established ones.

    This is my advice to all and good luck