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  1. anyone use metatrade software, i believe it is the best platform ever.
  2. I use use it and am pleased. however for the past day the data feed has had periods of severe lag. sometimes I can;t even connect to get a feed. This happens about once every couple of months. Other than that it has been a wonderfull tool. and the best part is that it is free.
  3. I have had similar problems, but it wasn't anything that ruined a trade for me, so I kept on keeping on.. I have only been trading forex for about six months, and have been doing nothing but studying, studying, studying, when I first started, I gave a broker 5000 he lost it all within two weeks, then I gave him another 1000 chance because there was a lot of Japanese intervention at the time, but now that I have learned to trade on my own, I think this guy ripped me off, for one all he ever did was short the gbp every trade.. he didn't even bother to look at any other pairs.....also after researching a little I found his company was not nfa certified...........could anyone help me use the expert indicators, or tell me where to get
  4. I haven't had any problems that caused me to bust a trade. I do not use them as a broker so I always use my broker provided charts as well.

    I found out today that one of the reasons I was having connection problems is that I was using thier backup server instead of thier primary server. Once I entered the correct address for thier primary server my problems were solved.