Metastock vs Tradestation

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by turgoveca, Nov 9, 2002.

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    Has anyone tested Metastock Pro 8.0? Is it better than 7.2? Than Tradestation?
  2. MS 8 is very good. one weak area was the system tester. this new version offers lots of flexibility and can do much, if not all of what TS does, but MS is easier to set up and program. also has nice layout and UI. some improvements could be made in programming area, however, only most complicated systems would be difficult to implement.
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    I'm just curious, does the new v8 allow stops or limit orders?

    My last version of MS was Pro 7.03. I love the speed, charting, and scanning capabilities, but I've used TS2000i for the last two years for its testing and programming features.

    Thanks for any info!
  4. MS8 has full range of stops and both entry and exit limits can be based on user formulas. user can also formulate position sizing, order timing (GTC, etc), order type.
    the layout is very functional and reports are excellent. this is a much improved system tester. in fact, i think it is the only improvement from v.7
  5. Can anyone compare Metastock or Tradestation with Amibroker?
    Is Amibroker a comparable program or is MS/TS far better?
  6. Amibroker is an excellent program. way ahead in many areas (like AddToComposite function and scripting capabiliites). AB can do all of the aforementioned (tester functions), but can not directly present results in such a grapical way.

    i use AB and the ADK. it is an amazing combo. very easy,fast & flexible. what is most amazing is that AB is a one man effort, and the guy lives in Poland. the AB yahoo!group is on of the most active TA software groups on the net, lots of support and ideas here.
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    With all respect to the marketing effort of Metastock, it is not near the latest software. Amibroker is way ahead of Metastock and Tradestation. Safe yourself some money and go either for Amibroker or use the web site of Wealthlab (free). If quality matters the WL software is the best at the moment. WL has portfolio level back testing and portfolio optimization which makes a big difference and it is easy to use. That's my current ranking.