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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by jeff henig, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. Hello,
    I’ve been using MetaStock for a couple of weeks now and have built up a collection of indicators and a few systems tests along the way. I have a few more ideas I would like to either test or find the indicator to employ into MS. I wonder if anyone can help me with any of the following:

    1. I have Darvas’s Trend trading indicator, but I am looking for the System or Explorer test code.
    2. Parabolic System test
    3. System test for 3/3 High/Low Channel Beakout
    4. MOM/MA system test
    5. Indicator and system test for Displaced MA’s
    6. Dr. Eldr’s Triple Screen Trading system
    4. Indicator and system test for 4% weekly change rule

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