Metastock Realtime vs. eSignal

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by TradingBillions, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Which one is better and why? I'm deciding on the better and want your opinions. Thanks!
  2. I use MS but never used eS so can't compare, however it depends
    on what you want a program to do, trial both, you might also look
    at AmiBroker and join the forums of all of the above which will
    provide additional info
  3. gnome


    You could choose to use both.... Metastock Pro for both real-time and daily charting + eSignal as the data source. I have been using that combo for several years.
  4. Allaces


    Yep, eSignal is rock solid
  5. I used MS for 18 years.... as an investor; moved to esignal to due to more trading, and now with Tradestation.

    TS is the better of the bunch for a trader.
  6. ER2


    I switched from Metastock to eSignal simply because of the poor/lagged quotes from Metastock. Sometimes quotes would just stop, or not load at all. eSignal has been perfect so far but I do miss some of Metastock's charting features.

  7. eSignal feed + MS for TA is the best combination. I've used that since the time of MS 4.52 RT (DOS) with a sat dish for the Signal feed.

    I still use MS 7.02 pro with eSignal feed but I have two screens and I watch quotes from eSignal on one and MS charts on the other.

    I don't like eSignal charts. No comparison to MS charts.