Metastock problem in saudi arabia

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by randommuse, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. hello ,
    Any help is appreciated.

    In saudi arabia, the working days for stock trading start from sat to wenesday.
    weekly in metastock pro ( 10.1 ) from mon to friday.
    any help in changing metastock to view the weekly from sat to wenesday.
    custom number of days in metastock is not doing the needed calc .

    thank you
  2. ronblack


    Contact Equis. Unless you "cannot", you know that I mean...
  3. Great Help Ron , thanks.
  4. I've used MetaStock for years... and I can't imaging how you might change the days to be included in "weekly".

    You're likely stuck with daily and monthly.
  5. What if you edit the data to move it two days into the future? Then at least it would be grouped into weekly data correctly. Not perfect but should be usable as a workaround (for most cases).
  6. i guess you are right , iam stuck with daily and monthly.
    i thought some dll file has been created for this somewhere.

    thank you.
  7. Yes , i did this once , its not perfect as you said.

    thank you .