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    I just bought MetaStock Pro V7.0 RT for eSignal from someone. It was a really good deal and I couldn't pass it up. It's not a bootleg version and is on the original CD, has all the original books, etc. but they no longer had the license. I know that the license for V7.0 is the last version that is transferable to someone else and I'm looking for someone to transfer their license to me (I'll pay you) so I can use tech support and eventually upgrade to V8 or whatever. Maybe someone that was using V7.0 and isn't using it anymore. If anyone can help me please PM me. Thanks much.:)
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    The original purchaser ALWAYS has the license. Whether it is transferable or not is another question.

    What a deal you got!
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    Did you contact Equis about this? Maybe they will work out something. If you have the original CD with the install code they should accommodate. (If you don't have the CD, it won't run long. Periodically the program runs a "bootleg" check... it requires you to verify by putting the install CD in the drive so the program can check it.)
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    The software actually was never used - unopened. And it came with the books still shrinkwrapped, the CD case unopened. But the guy I bought it from was selling it for someone else. Maybe the original guy had used it to upgrade to the current version already and thus needed to keep the license. I don't know. I did talk to Equis to see which versions could be transferred and they said that version 7.0 is the last version which can be. Current versions aren't transferrable. They seemed kind of weird about transfers. I think they don't like it. They'd rather have you pay the full price to them. I know they have auctions on eBay cancelled all the time for versions after 7.0. Like I say, it was very inexpensive. If it was a perfect situation it would have cost me a lot more money. I think it retailed for about $1600. I may be able to use it as is but I'd rather be able to update it to the latest version, so I can use tech support, etc. which requires a license. I could get a bootleg version of 8.0, no doubt, but I'm trying to do this officially. If anyone can help me please PM me. Thanks.
  5. P. Niss

    P. Niss

    I bought 8.0 Pro for QCharts from a guy on ebay. Shrinkwrapped, never used/installed. I installed the software and enetered the cd-key. No problems.

    If you need tech support then they'll ask for a customer number which is issued at the time you actually buy it. Other than that, if you can get by without equis's tech help you'll be just fine. Every so often mswin asks for the original CD as someone said, but you have that so no problems there

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    Thanks, Paul. That's where I got it too. I'm sure it will work fine. I just wanted to use the latest version and like you say I can get by without tech support if I need to. I'll PM you.
  7. P. Niss

    P. Niss

    Does anyone out there know why ebay keeps cancelling auctions for MS 8.0? Is it because maybe equis doesn't allow the license to transfer and therefore has people scanning ebay for illegal 8.0 sales. It seems as if the 7.x sales are allowed to go through.

    I'm referring to new, shrinkwrapped versions, obviously not copies, of course.

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    I've been using MS since before "RT". The MS Pro started with version 5.x, if I recall, now up to 8.0. At 7.1, the added some mechanical analytical system routines to get to v7.2. The "upgrade" to get those system routines cost $100. I bought the upgrade and was terribly disappointed. NONE of them were worth a CRAP... so, I was out a C-note.
    V8.0 adds more (probably useless also) bells and whistles, but hey, that's how they make money.
    I haven't upgraded beyond v7.2 and plan to never do so unless they come up with something useful.
    If I were you, I wouldn't be concerned about not having the latest version. BTW, v7.2 was to add features. v7.21 and v7.22 were really just patches:D
  9. I've been using both 7.2 and 8 and there's little reason to upgrade as well. In fact, Martin Pring's excellent tutorials are based on a 1999 version (7.0 maybe?) and all the features he mentions are still valid.

    I don't see anything new in the 8.0 that's not in his tutes, other than a newer-looking interface and some Fisher-Price style buttons to fit in with XP.

    As for Paul's observation, that's a good one. I noticed that too. They seem to drop all the 8.x auctions before they close. That's gotta be at equis' discretion, and that would jibe with their not wanting to transfer licenses after 7.2. Even shrinkwrapped copies are being cancelled.

    Not letting someone sell their legal copy of a program that they paid so much for and no longer have a use for. They want a full share every time someone jumps on the MS bangwagon.

    What incredible balls on their part.
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    Thanks for all the useful replies guys. Very helpful. If anyone else has ideas on this to contribute please feel free to chime in.
    I was telling Paul in a PM I bought mine for $100 so that was too cheap to pass up. One of those snooze-you-lose situations like in trading. I bought it with BuyItNow before eBay could cancel it. :) I didn't realize this was a couple of versions ago. Thought it was just the last version from a few months ago. I don't think 7.0 runs with all it's functions on Windows XP but it may run under the feature in XP that let's you use older software. Does anyone know about this? I read something on the Equis website. I think this software may be a 16 bit version and I think 8.0 is 32 bit or maybe even 64 bit. But I'm not sure. I'm new to MS and I haven't even installed it yet so we'll see. I need to learn all about the program. I have been using TC2000 and can renew it for $200 a year but may use eSignal to download the daily data into MetaStock. But maybe I can use TC2000 to download the historical data from TC2k before my subscription expires on Jan.13. I think it goes back to 1984 so that should work. There's a lot to learn. I may buy Pring's CD's. I bought Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition plug-in from the same guy on eBay and I want to get the Performance Systems Plus plug-in.
    Seems to me that Equis is too greedy and too paranoid. I'm sure they do have people monitoring the sales on eBay. But they're not there everyday. Some get through. You have to be quick. :) BTW, I think if you don't use the word "MetaStock" in the title of the auctions at eBay but in the description instead you can sell your MetaStock goodies there.
    If anyone has any further suggestions please let me know. Good trading to everyone.:)
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