MetaStock Pro

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by flipflopper, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Anyone use it? Any thoughts/opinions.
  2. I've used it since '98. No plans to change.
  3. Do you use quotecenter as well? I just ordered the Esignal version but if the data with quotecenter is good I will fully switch.
  4. I use eSignal. Quotecenter came later.
  5. Cool. The guy was claiming you get Reuters news for practically free and that the data was good.

    I guess the jury is still out on that.
  6. QuoteCenter is pretty decent. I haven't had many problems with the data side but the news feed tends to be slow compared to other real time news services. Like you said, it is included for free so you can't complain too much about the news features. MS Pro is a great product all the way around for the money. I have used Metastock for several years now and would highly recommend.
  7. No watchlists?!?! Am I just crazy here!?!? Is there no good charting software out there?!!??

    How do you guys deal with no watchlists?
  8. MetaStock has something called the Explorer that works similar to watchlists but you either run it on local data or on online data. It has some shortcomings but works well once you get used to it. You can always setup realtime alerts with your broker if you want more proactive notification. Good luck.