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  1. If somebody worked with new soft MetaStock pro FX 9.1 specifically created for forex trading please tell me your opinion !!!
  2. Haven't used MS FX, suggest it's mainly a marketing move to capture data feed clients — Reuters.

    There's several free and pay for use connectors that allow realtime data to be collected by MS from MetaTrader — HyperTrader, Dynastore, Metaserver so Equis/Reuters are going after those prospective clients as well as new to fx traders as fx trading is an expanding market.

    eSignal I believe charges extra for the fx feed whereas the Equis are providing the fx feed only. A good deal I think at $70/mth, the charting features would be standard MS Pro.

  3. Thank you !!! I'm beginner, that's why I'm looking for any information from pro-traders.:confused:
  4. hello,
    Specifically for forex ?? Whats the difference ?? The regular handles forex just fine

    -- N !!

  5. Please go to this site...

  6. Actually MetaQuotes/MetaTrader3 and now MetaTrader4 are based on MetaStock. MT4 is a superior charting program to MS Pro since most tools permit the user amounts to be entered and stored. MT allows custom Experts — trading systems to be coded and added as in MS as well as custom Indicators.

    Major difference between MT and MS is that MT is free including the realtime price data even as a renewable demo, as well of course trading directly from the program when a real money account is opened at brokers providing MT.
  7. Thank you Wallace !!!
    Answer is short but very intelligible.:)
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    In regards to how this FX version differs from the other Professional versions:

    It's MetaStock Professional with a symbol database that only shows Forex symbols. It's missing any of the volume-based formulas, and in place of the removed volume formulas additional templates, layouts, and formulas were included that were deemed useful by experienced Forex traders.