Metastock Pro 8.01 - Newest Version

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trendy, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. trendy


    I have an original Metastock Professional Version 8.01 CD, and Setup Key for sale. Equis charges $1,695 for it. Mine is for sale for $450.00. I will accept Paypal or a Money Order.
  2. balda


    saw one in recycler last week for $100.00
    wander why sell such a good system?
  3. trendy


    I can only assume what you saw was an old EOD version of Metastock, and not the latest intraday-data version.
  4. topten


    No updates or tech support.

    Plus, don't get caught...
  5. Rick777


    Do you still have the software for sale? I'm interested if I can receive and support the software, legally.

    Thaky you,
  6. pspr


    Metastock doesn't allow their software to be sold to a third party so there would be no support. Once you buy it you cannot sell it according to Equis.