MetaStock Pro 10????

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  1. Oh stop pumping your products! That isn't a good price at all granted the bidders will bring price up higher before the end.. Come on man, look at the give away(buy it now price = 1,295.00?) are you nuts? offer at a lower buy it now price and MAYBE people will have more of an incentive.

    Mods, please delete this thread, this is useless.
  2. I will appreciate if you keep your "subjective opinions on value" to yourself! ;) No one is twisting your arm to buy the software! You want to be a trader, and yet you still don't get the economic function of a middleman... Nor do you get that it takes money to make money, and if you can't afford the best T.A. software at a huge discount, well maybe it's time to get a 2nd or even a 3rd job! ;)... Since you make no-value-added posts, I assume you have too much free time on your hands...

    Get Real, MetaStock is considered to be the premier and top of the line T.A. software, new price $1695, and my starting bid on this NEWEST version is only $500…. So it’s not like I am trying to pump “snake oil”, L O L…

    Peace! :)


  3. Hey pal, I own Metastock 10.1. Believe me, you are just trying to pump something up to people, I am in the same business you are.(Takes one, to know one) I want people to not fall for your pump and dump like tactics. That's all!

  4. Also, I want you to truly read my first post carefully. You are not providing any indication to me that you read it truly through.

  5. I am not sure what boat you are refering to, but I am sure that I am not in one with you!!! :) L O L... I will put my mind reading hat on, and will suggest the following:

    You can't trade worth S***, and you blame it on the software. Any excuse to avoid taking responsibility! Pal seen this before and herd all the same B.S. before! Do yourself a favor and find something worthwhile to do, and stop bugging me. "Get this fly off my ass" lol...

  6. bullsroar


    This guy just received the updated 10.1b disk from Equis and is looking to stick some poor sucker with the original which will be useless without transferring registration
  7. You hardly know my trading style.. Oh, I'm voted the best trader in United States by Forbes every year in a row, come on now you should know that!
  8. I'm a long time user of MS, and I'm not sure that's the case.

    1. Equis claims that there is no "ownership" of MS Pro, just a "lifetime use license"... which means, it's not transferable.

    2. I believe Equis is NOT set up to monitor the transference of MS Pro use.

    3. It's possible that a "transferred to" user might not get technical support from Equis (though I know of one who has), but it's likely that a new user would be able to utilize MS Pro just fine.
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