Metastock plugin warning!!!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by wwatson1, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Beware anyone wishing to purchase powerpivotsplus plugin from metastock's equis site.

    It retails at around $299.00 and is worth about $5.00.

    I was lucky enough to try a friends copy and could not belive what I was seeing.

    It has 20 systems utilizing pivot points, running the system test showed great results so I decided to watch the system in realtime......

    The signals where sometimes 4-5 bars delayed and the exits often plotted on the chart and then later changed positions.

    There is a powerpivots website to compliment the plugin, the site has not been updated for some time now. Perhaps this is because the systems are useless.

    Running the scans end of day did provide me with some potential intraday setups but that is all.

    I would however recommend the performance systems plus plugin, it has some tidy little systems.
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    Really? Which of the Performance Systems did you like? I ran all that came on v7.22 and found them all to be CRAP. None did anywhere nearly as well as a simple moving average cross. I was pissed they sucked me into buying the upgrade.
  3. I've got news for you - ALL those plug-ins are a raping! 300 bucks a pop for 5 or 6 useless modules is insane.

    Murphy's chart patterns is probably the worst of the lot. It finds some obscure patterns that most technicians wouldn't even see, and misses many of the obvious ones. Patterns are way too subjective a thing to be left to a computer algortihm.

    The least evil of the lot is probably Performance Systems, becuase with that you get a host of canned scans, some of which are mildly intriguing, most others are absolutely worthless.