MetaStock or Tradestation

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DeepFried, Dec 21, 2005.

MetaStock Intraday or Tradestation?

  1. MetaStock Intraday

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  2. Tradestation

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  1. I've used end-of-day MetaStock for years and have been thinking of getting some intraday TA software. I could either upgrade MS to their intraday version or go with Tradestation (I won't be using their brokerage service).

    Anyone have a preference between the two?
  2. It probably depends on whether you need to use intraday systems. Since you're already familiar with the metastock platform, you'd likely be more comfortable with their intraday package, especially since you don't want the brokerage part.
    Also depends how much you have "invested" in other metastock formulas/systems. Going to another platform always introduces new issues to deal with and time/money to spend. Having said that, if someone with no current platform were looking for a good package, I'd steer them to tradestation if they were looking for a good broker/software package OR to IB for trading platform only.
  3. Metastock, Tradstation , amibroker, wealthelab,....all are
    scripting language and very similar, therefore very easy
    to shift from one to another.

    I recommand Easylanguage (it's not that easy) over Meta
    stock language. EL has most keywords (result words) and
    functions that you can think of it