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  1. Don't believe the issues have been resolved, Jose and others use
    TradeSim for backtesting

    All charting programs have different user coding and what can be
    accomlished in one program can't be accomplished in another --
    ie indicators and trading systems

    I'm not a coder and used MS for several years for fx trading
    new MS versions are only OS upgrades with a few new indicators
    thrown in; no development, v 10 has added multi-timeframe charts
    and changed the fibo levels tools plus a new indicator/Expert
    otherwise it's same old same old
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    I'd like to second Amibroker. I started out using Metastock and used it for a little over a year. It is a great program but its strategy programming interface is limited. I switched to Amibroker awhile ago and haven't regretted it. It is much more powerful if you know what you are doing.

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