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  1. Hello All, the following message was posted on the yahoo equismetastock and metastockusers forums.
    Message 9487 of 9488. From: "dynastore". Date: Fri Oct 31, 2003 10:56 am
    Subject: Yet another 2 data feeds for your Metastock Pro.

    "Hello Metastock users, We just started two new programs for feeding Metastock Pro with realtime data provided by two well-known online brokers: Interactive Brokers and Forex Capital Markets.
    The appropriate links are:
    Dynastore LE for Interactive Brokers: The FREE 15-day trial program is here:

    Dynastore LE for Forex Capital Markets (requires FXCM DDE Price Server - ask FXCM about it):
    The FREE 15-day trial program is here:

    TRIAL programs do not require any registration nor payment of any kind and work for 15 days without any limitations.
    The regular price of each program is only $75.00 for the permanent license. This includes support via Internet for one year and unlimited updates/fixes/new versions, when any available.

    Here we offer you a special price of $50.00 for the same license! This option is not available at our Web sites and is accessible only from this message. This offer is limited and will end 11/10/2003 (November 10th, 2003), so you have enough time to visit a Web, download a FREE trial program and use it for free for several days, then return to this message and
    buy the program with a 33% discount!
    To buy one of these programs for the discounted price, select the appropriate link below (you can copy and paste the link to your Internet browser):
    Dynastore LE for Interactive Brokers:

    Dynastore LE for Forex Capital Markets:

    The purchase is made via our secure Online Store. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal payments and fax/phone orders (you'll have a choice to select "Credit card info by phone or fax" option when you enter your personal information).
    Any questions may be asked at our new Forum dedicated to these programs:

    Have a nice Helloween, DB."

    A couple of notes I believe to be correct:
    there's no price data history saved by the FXCM server, tho it may be possible to copy and paste data from the Trading Station plugin chart (?), so one's computer must be ON during ALL market hours, Sunday thru Friday, to collect continuous price data.
    FXCM will provide a trial of their DDE service, cost to use after trial is US$40 per month, contact 'System Trading FXCM' by phone or email: Wallace.
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    I will check out this program but there is also another program on the market that uses the IB datafeed (and others ) to interface with metastock . The campanies website is

    Why not give both a try.