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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Tech Analysis, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. When running backtests in MS a lot of times a valid trade will not be taken by the system. Instead, the reports page will show that trade as "Cancelled - Open Cost". Yet looking at the chart the buy signal was clearly there. I'm seeing this even in equis' canned scans so it can't be faulty programming on my part.

    One case I had 20 short trades and not a single long one - they were all considered then cancelled.

    I've scoured the help and message boards and haven't a clue.

    Also, are there any good, active MS boards out there? Yahoo's is pitiful.

    Thanks to everyone in advance -
  2. Here's a screenshot of the report:
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  3. are you running.

    In ver. 8.0, do you have an equity amount in the simulation? Or is this a points only test?

    Make sure your equity is high enough to allow for the buy.
  4. 8.0 Pro

    RTS thank you a million. That was it - lack of equity; I had the 5000.00 default still set. That explains why it was always the later trades that got cancelled.

    I normally do points only tests on the futures.